Dynamic Thai Massage and Harmonic Osteopathic Techniques

with Thierry Bienfaisant

#POSTPONED TO 2021# November 13 /14 /15, 2020

in Hamburg, Germany


• ~ • Dynamic Thai Massage combine the principles of Traditional Thai Massage with rocking, rhythmic and modern osteopathic principles as oscillatory techniques

• ~ • Just as nature is characterised by seasons and cycles, each person is a living microcosm of rhythmic patterns such as breathing, heartbeats, peristalsis, cell division and hormonal cycles. The sacred dance of Thai Massage is elaborated upon with a range of movement to create fluidity, continuity and release

• ~ • The treatment effectively shifts stagnation in the physical and energetic pathways, including life force energy, circulatory flow, nerve conduction, spinal mobility, and muscular and fascia structures. Often injury and deep holding patterns are healed as the mind and body are lulled into singing a different song.

•. • .•.. •... Rhythm, Continuity, Joy and Happiness ...•.. •. .•. •. •..


This is a beginner course, open to all practitioners of Thai Massage, Shiatsu and other forms of bodywork with fluidity in their practice.


~ Benefits for ~ THE GIVER ~

* improving fluidity, precision and transitions in the massage

* creativity, joyful and happiness while working

* developing the touch while working on the mechanic, liquid and

energetic levels


~ Benefits for ~ THE RECEIVER ~

* recovering mobility and freedom in his/her musculoskeletal system

* improving the fluid circulation (blood and lymphatic systems)

* re-establishing a good energetic circulation

* releasing the nervous system



• Therapeutic applications of Dynamic Thai Massage

• Sequences of rhythmic oscillatory rocking techniques to incorporate

into massage

• Methods for developing greater fluidity, continuity and rhythm

• Anatomy applied to dynamic movement



9.00 - 9.30 ........ Meditation

9.30. - 12.30 .... Practice 1

12.30 - 14.00 .... Lunch break

14.00 - 17.30 .... Practice 2



Thierry Bienfaisant, originally from Brussels, is a recognised international teacher authorized by the Thai Healing Alliance. He is the founder of The School of Thai Yoga Massage – ANATHAI TOUCH bridging courses between Applied Anatomy, Osteothai and Thai Yoga Massage.

Thierry offers diverse courses and retreats for all levels of practitioners in Europe and Thailand.

Thierry is spending most of the time to deepen his studies looking for the bridges between eastern and western knowledge. Osteopath student at the Swiss College of Osteopathy ( SICO school) The journey lead him to the early days of OSTEOTHAI, sometimes assistant before to teach ANATHAI & OSTEOTHAI Courses.

His practice includes silence retreat and a deep connection with Swami Atmananda offering satsangs and teachings on the non-dual essence of Reality (Advaita) and the nature of spiritual Awakening.

Thierry is also teaching every year at the well known Sunshine Massage School in Thailand, Chiang Mai.



write to Thierry: contact(a)therapythaimassage.com




write to Ewa: info(a)embodhiment.de



~ WHEN ~

#postponed to 2021# Dynamic Thai Massage: 13 - 15 November 2020



grow - Karolinenstraße 7a, 20357 Hamburg / Germany



350 Euro


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